Bourbon Offshore Norway AS recognizes that the importance of conserving and protecting the environment for the existence of human life, animal life, marine life and nature.

The company is fully committed to achieve a high environmental performance.
Bourbon Offshore Norway AS realizes that the best way of preventing pollution is to ensure safe operation of our vessels. All operations that may lead to pollution shall be identified and carefully planned.
The Environmental Objectives:
  • No environmental incidents
  • Optimal use of resources
  • Minimize the ecological impact
The Management of the Bourbon Offshore Norway AS will:
  • Continuously review their environmental performance and improve it where possible.
  • Encourage the active involvement of all vessels and employees
  • Cooperate with clients and suppliers in order to gain further environmental improvements
  • Support the development of Risk Assessment in order to prevent environmental incidents
It is the duty of all employees to act responsibly in order to prevent any damage to the environment. If employees act irresponsibly in this respect, they may be subject to disciplinary actions.
The responsibility for Environmental Protection lies directly and personally with all personnel employed by Bourbon Offshore Norway AS. Every person working for Bourbon Offshore Norway AS has a responsibility to be conversant with and apply the principles and procedures of the company Safety Management System.
The Safety Management System shall be in compliance with the requirements of the Environmental Management Standard ISO 14 001.