Bourbon Offshore Norway AS is committed to providing healthy living and safe working and living conditions for all those who are working onboard company vessels. Health and safety are management responsibilities ranking equally with all other responsibilities.

The company Health &Safety Objectives are:
  • Zero accident
  • Healthy living & working conditions
  • Compliance with company Safety Management System
The Management of the Bourbon Offshore Norway AS will:
  • Encourage the active involvement of all employees
  • Encourage continuous improvement in safety awareness and safety performance
  • Support the use of Risk Assessment in order to increase risk awareness and to prevent accidents
  • Ensure lesson learned from safety incidents
It is the duty of each individual working onboard company vessels to act responsibly in order to prevent injury to themselves or fellow workers. Action will be taken where this primary requirement is not observed.
All persons working at or visiting any our vessels have the right and obligation to STOP ANY WORK that they may consider dangerous to personnel, the environment or the vessel. All employees shall also support the STOP WORK decisions of others.
Smoking is a recognised health and safety hazard and is therefore only permitted in designated areas.
All employees are required to observe the smoking regulations in their work location, whether on board a vessel, or at any other company facility.
Designated smoking areas are to be assigned taking into account any legal regulation and having due consideration for those employees who do not smoke.
Health & Safety is the direct responsibility of all employees within Bourbon Offshore Norway AS irrespective of position or rank. All employees have a responsibility to be conversant with and work within the principles and procedures of the company Safety Management System.